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Best photos of my Namor cosplay! I love Namor as a character, I love everything about him. He makes no apologies for who he is. He loves & lusts indiscriminately. If you’re a Namor fan you know very well that he is the Captain Jack Harkness of the seven seas. No one can say I sexed up the character for my cosplay, LOL. This is the X-men version of his costume. I’ll be tackling the green briefs original appearance version later on this year.

With me in the photos are my friend Gregg as Emilio Frost, the White King (we are in the same Gender X cosplay group) and my beautiful friend Deanna aka Hentaigirl82 as Sue Storm. I was totally in character on Friday at C2E2 and had a blast. We randomly ran into a gorgeous, scantily clad White King cosplayer & he was such a sweetheart <3 and of course we had to grab photos with all the other awesome Marvel cosplayers too. Definitely looking forward to wearing Namor again soon. Unfortunately I didn’t get copies of many of the other photos I took with Deanna as Namor & Sue, so if you see any floating around, send me the links! Thanks guys!

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    Excellent genderbent cosplay! :D
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    Every single solitary thing about this is awesome and all of y’all should get some sort of Nobel Prize for Fandom.
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    I love, LOVE, that first pic with Sue. :3 And “Captain Jack Harkness of the seven seas” = most accurate thing EVER.
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