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Colossus photos from Philly Wizard Con! Whole lot of cosplay credits in this one. AvX & solo photos by Carlos A. Smith, group shots by Jason S. Colflesh. Thanks guys! <3

In the Genderbend group shot, from left to right:
Ann McManus as Icewoman
Nicole Marie Jean as Cable
Gregg Gentile as White King
Doug McCullough as Dazzler . (takes commissions!)
Deanna Cooper as Havok
Sarah Reichart as Toad
Scott Swank as Rogue
Nymphemesis as Nightcrawler
Bryan L Moore as Mystique .  (takes commissions!)
Eidolon Cosplay as Longshot
Phillip the Shy Cosplay Guy as Shard
Jay Justice as Colossus
MzTiyah as Bishope
Larry Smith as Storm (takes commissions!)
ScorpKing Costuming as Shadowcat/Kit Pryde <3

With the adorable Megan Pryde as Earth 616 Kitty Pryde who has somehow found her way into my universe. Don’t worry kitten, I’ll take good care of you <3

But I’ll never forget my Kit of course. Lol

AvX continues! Crap, I don’t have Phoenix powers anymore! Yeah, Colossus dies. AGAIN. ;__; Epic Iron Man costume made & cosplayed by Danielle Bonardi

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