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I’m tired of being told that Wonder Woman is white.

I’m tired of being told that I can’t be her. 

Why not? In Crisis on Infinite Earths in the DCU, there was one Earth where Superman and his wife were black. In the New 52 DCU, there is an Earth where Wonder Woman is black too. And even if there wasn’t, there is still no good reason why a Black girl can’t be Wonder Woman.

I want everyone to know this. I want to show all of the fans who tell me that they’re afraid to cosplay their favorite characters because they’re not white, that you CAN be whoever you want to be, that you WILL be supported and accepted. That fandom isn’t majority racists and bigots, that there are enough of us out here who just want to have fun together to make it all worthwhile.

I am fighting for the opportunity to be Wonder Woman at PAX Prime, promoting DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis. If enough fans support me in this, I can get there. Thank you all so much for your help. Vote here.

ETA: Voting has ended! Thanks to all of you guys, I finished the semifinals in first place!! Check the results here.

TA 2: Thank you so much for all of your support in the Infinite Crisis cosplay contest. I was not selected as a top 10 finalist, so this is the end of my journey. I’m really grateful for the experience, to meet so many new people through this contest and to encourage others to follow their dreams. Since I won’t be going to PAX, I’ll be trying to make enough money to get to Dragon*Con for my birthday instead. Anyone who wishes to help in that respect is welcome to donate. My birthday is September 1st & I’m really looking forward to spending it with many of my closest friends in Atlanta <3

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