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Happy 91st Birthday to Stan Lee!

I could go on for quite some time listing all of the beloved characters, stories, ideas and dreams that Stan has shared with us over the years. I am a Marvel girl through and through. The first thing I ever read independently was a Marvel comic. Even those of us who may never have read a book that Stan wrote personally, are fans of characters that he created or developed. And I know that we all love his cameos in the Marvel films.

What stands out most about Stan Lee to me personally is how involved he is with the fandom. He was so encouraging and kind at panels that I’ve been to, when we ask him for writing advice or suggestions. Happy to take part in a cosplay photoshoot, free of charge. Of course comics are a business & we are happy to pay for his time, but when he turned up at the Superhero Costuming Forum’s Avengers photoshoot last year it really touched all of our hearts. It happened to be on my birthday as well :) Happy Birthday to you Stan, I hope it finds you in good health & surrounded by family and friends.

Photo 1- Carnage vs Stan!! Provided by & featuring cosplayer Larry Smith, owner of Beyond Creative Costumes. He will be taking commissions starting in January 2014.

Photo 2- Marvel Girl & Stan Lee. Featuring Lexi Free/PeachyMomo as Marvel Girl.

Photo 3 - Captain Marvel & Stan. Jay Justice as Captain Marvel

Photo 4 - Stan Lee leads the Avengers! Featuring the Superhero Costuming Forum.

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