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DragonCon Prep Post

I am not accepting any further costume suggestions for DragonCon. Why?

1. The con is in a month, no
2. I am already bringing

Commander Shepard
The Doctor
Dejah Thoris

And those are the ones that are FINISHED. Currently working on

2 Marvel Knights characters
1 Disney character
1 Mass Effect character
1 X-Men character
2 anime characters
1 Avengers character
1 Justice League character

I literally do not have time to work on anything else and I don’t have room to PACK anything else. It’s too bad if that means I won’t be bringing a costume I had previously planned on, but that’s life. I may drop some of these if I get hurt or have a setback in some way. Why so many costumes? Two words.

It’s DragonCon.

To Review or Not To Review

Is that even a question?

In my opinion reviewing products purchased online is standard. Positive experience? Review it. Negative experience? Review it. When a seller asks you not to review an item you purchased, after you have explained why you were unhappy with it & they have agreed to partially refund you, that looks bad. When they then claim that the review is ‘punitive’, that looks even worse.
Reviews are standard. As long as the customer is honest about what transpired, a good seller should not fear a review. And yes, the review IS coming, as soon as I get my partial refund. If the seller backs out of the promised refund, THAT will be going into the review also.
Thank you to the friends who listened to me vent about this and helped me come to a decision. I am not out here trying to ruin anyone’s reputation. But I am also not going to lie about what really happened, or omit anything. It’s dishonest and not in my character at all.
Every seller has the ability to turn a negative review into a positive one by trying to work things out with the customer in a reasonable amount of time. The responsibility of maintaining a good reputation for your company is not on the customer’s shoulders, but your own.

Happy Batman Day! I’m celebrating by sharing some of my favorite Batman costumers, who are also my dear friends and wonderful contributors to our community. PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE CREDITS!

1: Batman is Larry Smith of Beyond Creative Costumes. Batman Beyond is just one of his many amazing, award winning costumes. Larry also takes commissions, check out his page for more examples of his work!

2: Batman is Cap Santiago, a talented costumer who is also a kind, generous person and a good friend. Looking forward to teaming up with him again soon!

3: Batman is Eric ‘The Smoke’ Moran, a cosplayer, pro wrestler, actor (and my co-creator on the Doctor Who/Torchwood web series Legacy) who is always willing to volunteer his time to help others. He has SEVERAL different, awesome Batman costumes and it was very hard to choose 2 for this post! Check out his page for more!

4: Batman is Michael ‘Knightmage’ Wilson, a costumer and cosplayer who strongly believes in giving back to the community and is an open book to any fan or friend he meets. He gives away free cosplay prints to benefit charities at his table at cons! If you see him at a convention be sure to say hello!

brakesforbothans reblogged your post jenniferrpovey reblogged your post My… and added:

Any suggestions for setting powders or barrier sprays for sweaty folks? It gets SO HOT at cons! Do you have a favorite brand for, say, summer cons, when it’s super super hot, and worried about melting all the paint off? 

I actually don’t sweat very much, so I cannot guarantee that anything I use will work for you. I wore Martian Manhunter in the DragonCon parade on Labor Day weekend last year, that’s 3 hours and over a mile of walking in 100 degree weather, with direct sunlight and no shade. And ALL of my Martian Manhunter photos are taken AFTER that parade. I didn’t reapply at all. I’m sure we can give some credit to Mehron for their body paint and barrier spray, but most of the credit is due to me being from Jamaica & not sweating despite the heat.

Everyone has different body chemistry so you should try small samples of many brands to see which ones work for you. My favorites are Wolfe & Mehron but that doesn’t mean the other brands are bad, just means that they didn’t work for me. Some people swear by Ben Nye and it looks great on them, but that stuff melted off my face in minutes and my makeup test looked like something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Long story short, experiment and do many many tests with different brands and application methods to see what works best for you before you do any body paint at cons, and SEAL EVERYTHING.

Weighed myself today. Realized I had the wrong weight entered on My Fitness Pal. I’m right at my desired weight already so all I have to do is maintain, not lose 10lbs. I change the settings. I get to have a whopping 400 more calories. Lol
I’m not going to strictly follow that, this is just for fun so no one worry about me fainting from hunger
or anything. I’m curious to see if what I would normally eat is actually under 1600 calories a day & that’s why I have been doing so well fitness wise (according to the app for someone of my weight who doesn’t exercise to maintain, that’s how many calories they should eat a day.)

In other news I made insane amounts of progress on a surprise costume yesterday & I might finish all the armored parts today :O and then it’s on to fabric. Prop making is much less tedious than sewing for me. I think it’s the figuring out new ways to make something work that makes it extra fun. I’ve had projects that I should have done months ago but haven’t started bc there was no challenge to them. Zero motivation. Then there’s one that involves me doing something I’ve never done before & I finish 1/3rd of it in a day. Oh my brain, were you bored?? Lol

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